Our success in managing an association is achieved by:

Our Fiduciary Responsibility

  •   Invoices scrutinized your accounting department and the property managers prior to submitting for payment
  • An analysis of budget vs. actual is conducted monthly to ensure the association’s expenses are tracked as planned
  • Bank statements are reconciled monthly
  • All financial information is provided to the Executive Board on a monthly basis

Our Responsibility to the Executive Board

  • Disclosure of all correspondence to and from Unit Owners, vendors and government agencies to the Board
  • Maintain complete transparency

Our Responsibility to Unit Owners

  • Prompt responses to their questions and concerns
  • Resolve maintenance issues with courtesy and professionalism
  • Resolve conflict issues with courtesy and professionalism
  • All communications via phone, email and letter are respectful, tactful and thoughtfully prepared
  • Prompt responses to questions and concerns on our web page
  • Prompt attention to emergencies to help reduce costs
  • Proactive planning and early communication with contractors to resolve maintenance issues to prevent additional expense

We believe we can build a lasting and successful relationship with an association by operating to these simple standards:

Do what we say

Do it on time

Deliver consistent quality

Our goal is to develop trust, reliability and confidence with the Executive Board and each individual Unit Owner.